About Me

My name is Coralie Hobson and I am the founder of Tedheads where we believe that everyone is able to achieve more, become happier and feel more fulfilled. We provide 1:1 support, consultation, deliver courses from our existing range or creating programmes suited to your specific group or organisational needs.

With over twenty years of experience within Children’s Services and the Family Court Service, I am qualified up to Masters level in addition to a range of supplementary training. My training and experience includes the knowledge and theoretical application of psychology, counselling, NLP, hypnotherapy, holistic therapies, philosophy and human rights. Tedheads is an ethical organisation which delivers tailored,interventions and programmes with prices to suit everyone.

Professional Membership & Qualifications

BA (Hons) Interdisciplinary Human Studies MA Social Care Studies
Specialist Children’s Route Award Intermediate Counselling
Portage Trained  Indian Head Massage Level 3
Aromatherapy Massage Level 3 NLP Trainer (Richard Bandler, John and Kathleen LaValle)  
NLP4Kids Certified Hypnotherapy (including with children) 
CRB Professional Indemnity Insurance
International Massage in Schools Programme HCPC
Paediatric First Aid Level 2 training Society of NLP


The human mind is like a neurological fingerprint. We are all both distinct from and similar to each other. Our lives our audited from an early age these days which can be great for knowing what is expected of us but leave us feeling that life is little more than a checklist. Standardisation in education and employment ensures quality in many ways. However, cuts  to additional services means that individual support needs and exceptional skills development are at risk of being lost.

Tedheads is here to offer either a bespoke alternative or to work alongside existing services to improve the lives, relationships and capacity of children, adults, groups and organisations.


At Tedheads, we have coined the term ELSA which stands for emotional and learning style alternatives. ELSA refers to the difference in range and nature of our unique tendencies in relation to concentration, organisation, expression, creativity, attention, co-ordination of movement, imagination, memory, how we read, write, spell and problem-solve.

ELSA supersedes the more commonly-used terms which may be situational, relative and negative and which generally fall within the definitions of Specific Learning Difficulties and Communication Difficulties (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, attention deficiency disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome and autism.)

Labels have been applied to people whose thinking patterns present a challenge to the education system, employment settings or relationships. Yet many people have highly-developed visual, concrete, imaginative or tangental thinking skills which remain hidden or lost completely.

ELSA is not just another definition; it is an approach based upon respect, wonderment and curiosity.